Negotiation is an ongoing process that requires a number of steps to achieve desired results. There are a variety of negotiation strategies that can help you get what you want, whether you’re trying to sell or purchase something, or are in an environment where you’re getting an offer for compensation that is less than you were expecting. The first step is learning the basics of negotiation, such as how to prepare and comprehend concepts like ZOPA (zero option plan of action) and BATNA (best alternative to the negotiated agreement).

In any negotiation, leverage is essential. It is important to be aware of what you can take away and the other person’s limit. Becoming a part of the other’s view and sharing your own perception is the best way to establish a rapport. You can also employ an approach known as anchoring to establish a benchmark at the beginning. This will force the other party to focus on the lower portion of your price range and makes them more likely to accept a deal.

Negotiation is about creating value for both parties. This can be achieved by showing the other person what they need to be satisfied. In the majority cases, both sides will leave the negotiations with the feeling that they’ve accomplished something positive and that their viewpoints were taken into consideration. Knowing the fundamentals of negotiation will allow you to have the confidence to approach any situation and come up with agreements that are mutually beneficial.


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