Understanding Contract to Sell Tagalog Sample

As a law enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of contracts and their significance in the legal landscape. One such important aspect of contract law is the “contract to sell” in Tagalog, which plays a crucial role in business transactions and real estate dealings in the Philippines.

Key Elements of a Contract to Sell Tagalog Sample

A contract to sell, or “kontrata sa pagbili” in Tagalog, is a binding agreement between a seller and a buyer for the sale of a specific property or goods. It the terms and of the sale, the price, terms, schedule, and relevant details.

Here`s a sample of the key elements typically included in a contract to sell:

Element Description
Parties Names and details of the seller and buyer
Property/Goods of the item being sold
Purchase Price amount for the sale
Payment Terms and mode of payment
Delivery Details of when and how the property/goods will be delivered
Conditions Any specific conditions that need to be met for the sale to be finalized

Importance of Contract to Sell in Tagalog

Having a contract to sell is for the seller and the to their interests ensure a transaction. Sets expectations prevents or down the line.

According a conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority, total of estate in the has been increasing the emphasizing of legally contracts in place.

Case Study: Contract Dispute Resolution

One case that the of a contract to sell is the Supreme Court in the of Dela Cruz v. Dela Cruz. Court in of the buyer, the terms in the contract to sell the buyer`s position.

Sample Contract to Sell Tagalog

To further illustrate the intricacies of a contract to sell in Tagalog, here`s a sample excerpt from a typical contract to sell:

“Ang ay na ang kabuuang ng property sa ng anim na sa petsang ito. Bayaran ang kabuuang ang ay na ang sa ng sa loob ng tatlong buwan.”

(The buyer agrees to pay the total amount of the property within six months from this date. Full payment, ang nagbebenta ay na ang sa pangalan ng sa loob ng tatlong buwan.)

Contract to sell in Tagalog is aspect of legal in the and its is for involved in or transactions. By the and of the terms in a contract to sell, parties can their and the for and transactions.

For and legal regarding contract to sell in Tagalog, with a attorney in contract law to with laws and regulations.

Get Your Legal Questions Answered

Question Answer
1. Ano ang kahulugan ng “contract to sell”? Ang “contract to sell” ay isang kung saan ang ay na ang isang property sa kapag na ang ng kontrata.
2. Ano ang mga mahahalagang elementong dapat isama sa isang contract to sell? Sa isang contract to sell, na mayroong ng property, presyo, ng pagbabayad, at ng kontrata.
3. Paano ma-terminate ang contract to sell? Ang contract to sell ay sa ng ng panig. Maari din itong sa ng sa korte kapag may sa kontrata.
4. Ano ang ng buyer sa ng contract to sell? Ang buyer ay may sa sa kapag na ang ng kontrata. Maari din siyang sa korte kung may sa ng nagbebenta.
5. Ano ang mga obligasyon ng nagbebenta sa ilalim ng contract to sell? Ang nagbebenta ay na ang sa hanggang sa at ang ng pagbabayad.
6. Ano ang mga legal na epekto ng contract to sell? Ang contract to sell ay ng sa ng at buyer. Ito ay ng at na ng panig.
7. Ano ang mga o sa contract to sell? Ang mga isyu ay ng sa ng kondisyon ng kontrata, ng tamang halaga, at ng legal na sa ng kontrata.
8. Ano ang mga na gawin kapag may sa contract to sell? Ang hakbang ay magkausap ang mga upang ang sa. Kung hindi maaaring humingi ng na tulong mula sa para ang na karapatan.
9. Paano malalaman kung legal at binding ang isang contract to sell? Ang isang kontrata ay at kung ito ay ng mga ng isang kontrata at sa ng bansa.
10. Ano ang mga dapat tandaan bago pumirma ng contract to sell? Bago pumirma, na basahin at ang lahat ng sa kontrata. Kung mayroong o hindi itong sa abogado bago pirmahan.

Contract to Sell Tagalog Sample

This Contract to Sell Tagalog Sample (“Contract”) is made and entered into as of [Date], by and between [Seller`s Name] (“Seller”) and [Buyer`s Name] (“Buyer”).

1. Subject of the Contract
This Contract pertains to the sale of [Description of Property/Asset] located at [Address], including all fixtures and improvements thereon (the “Property”).
2. Purchase Price
The Purchase Price for the Property shall be [Amount in Words] (Php [Amount in Numbers]), payable by the Buyer to the Seller in the manner set forth in this Contract.
3. Terms of Payment
The Purchase shall be paid by the Buyer to the Seller in the following manner:

  1. [Payment Terms 1]
  2. [Payment Terms 2]
  3. [Payment Terms 3]
4. Delivery of Possession and Transfer of Title
The Seller shall deliver possession of the Property to the Buyer upon receipt of the full Purchase Price. The Seller shall also execute and deliver to the Buyer a Deed of Absolute Sale, transferring the title of the Property to the Buyer.